[kubuntu-devel] Kubuntu default look

Frank Siegert hugelmopf at web.de
Thu Feb 2 17:32:46 GMT 2006

Hi Flavio,

,---- Flavio Tordini wrote:
| > > 2. Use DejaVu Sans Condensed instead of DejaVu Sans. The Condensed
| > > version is smoother. The "sans" alias should be resolved to the chosen
| > > font and not to Bitstream Vera.
| >
| > Looks terrible on my LCD.
| I had a better idea: disable hinting. Edit ~/.fonts.conf and set hinting to
| false and hintstyle to hintnone. Also make sure hinting is disabled in the
| kcontrol font settings. The effect is much smoother antialiased fonts, much
| like OSX. I think hinting is good only for non antialiased fonts.
| http://purl.org/net/flavio/download/kubuntu-proposal/hinting.png

I would like to understand your proposal to improve font appearance, but I 
cannot confirm your findings on my 1024x768 notebook LCD.

If I turn hinting off[0], it looks quite bad[1].
  0: http://hugelmopf.hu.ohost.de/paste/fontsconf-hinting-none.txt
  1: http://hugelmopf.hu.ohost.de/paste/hinting_none.png

If I turn hinting on[2], it looks quite good[3].
  2: http://hugelmopf.hu.ohost.de/paste/fontsconf-hinting-middle.txt
  3: http://hugelmopf.hu.ohost.de/paste/hinting_middle.png

Did you mean anything else?

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