dropping kscd & kaudiocreator

Frank Siegert hugelmopf at web.de
Thu Feb 2 21:04:42 GMT 2006

,---- Jonathan Jesse wrote:
| I haven't used anything but Kaudiocreator to rip CD's.  I like how easy it
| is to, complete with CDDB information and saving them in the correct
| folder /home/jjesse/ogg/Artist/Album works great.  How easy is it to rip
| CDs with Konq?  Never tried it.

Konq (audiocd:/) is not as comfortable, but try k3b (to get to the ripping 
option, click on your cd drive when an audio-cd is in it).
In my opinion it has all options kaudiocreator also has and even more 
(especially for naming files/directories).

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