Firefox Integration With KDE

Anderson, John janderso at
Wed Aug 23 21:06:14 BST 2006

In dapper when you apt-get install firefox you get a more or less usable browser, but it has some problems:
1) It is somewhat ugly, even if you have the gtk-qt engine installed.
2) It uses the Gnome file chooser.
3) It doesn't associate with any of the KDE apps, so PDFs etc. don't view right without a lot of work. This also breaks the downloads dialog. Clicking on the open link does nothing by default.
I know Konqueror is available, but the reality is many users prefer Firefox for one reason or another, and it is probably one of the most common GTK apps that would be installed in Kubuntu.
I wanted to bring up the possibility of adding a "firefox-kde" package which would theme Firefox and associate it with the proper KDE apps so that it would be more functional.
There are instructions on the Gentoo wiki for some basic theming and replacing of the file dialog. ) 
Then maybe the file associations could be added to the package?
This would make it quick and easy for a novice user to install Firefox and have it work as well as it did on their Windows box, without having to search for howtos. Is it feasible to do something like this? 

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