system:/ kio question

Christoph Wiesen chris at
Thu Apr 20 18:45:34 BST 2006


I reported a few imo important issues with the system:/ kio slave, especially 
system:/home that's (at least for me) used for all browsing with System 
Menu -> Home Folder.

Maybe Jonathan or somebody on the dev team can respond to this, so I know how 
to handle this:

Is system:/home a temporary problem or is it planned to have system:/home 
instead of a link to /home/username/ for normal file system browsing in the 

If the answer is 'yes' I would look through all the problems I have 
encountered again, verify they are still present and re-producable on other 
machines and then report them seperatedly in launchpad.
Though I strongly disagree with the whole concept of system:/home personally 
I'd still wish for dapper to be as stable and elegant as possible, even if 
this kio slave will remain default, thus reporting bugs as specific as 
possible, so they might be fixed in time.

If the answer is 'no' I'll spare myself and those verifying bug reports the 



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