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jos poortvliet jos at mijnkamer.nl
Mon Apr 17 15:33:37 BST 2006

Op maandag 17 april 2006 16:27, schreef Christoph Wiesen:
> ---------------------------
> XF86AudioRaiseVolume isn't set
> ---------------------------
> The special keyboard button "Volume Up", that is handled
> as "XF86AudioRaiseVolume" when the appropriate Keyboard layout is selected
> in system settings is not configured. It usually works in a new KDE
> installation (maybe it broke in KDE 3.5, maybe it broke in dapper, not
> sure). Actually the other keys ("Volume Down", "Mute") work fine - it's
> just "Volume Up" that's missing. I'm lookin for the right option, but just
> can't find where to enable it again. Normally an OSD displaying your volume
> changes comes up as well (works vor "Volume Down" and "Mute"), so I assume
> it's set somewhere as a global option.

(sorry for second mail)

btw i never found a way to set this by hand in any way - you can use khotkeys 
to bind XF86Audio* to kmix, but you'll lose the OSD.

sometimes it just stopped working here (during the course of using this home 
for several KDE-installations on several distributions) and i had to use 
khotkeys again. then, magically, it starts working again.

what does this tell you? two things ;-)
- you can wait, might start working again
- would be nice if someone found out how this works, and fixed it, or made it 
more robust...

Your reasoning powers are good, and you are a fairly good planner.
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