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Andreas Mueller amu at ubuntu.com
Tue Apr 11 17:49:59 BST 2006

On Tuesday 11 April 2006 17:25, Jonathan Riddell wrote:

> On Tue, Apr 11, 2006 at 05:07:18PM +0200, Andreas Mueller wrote:
> > I'm all time asked if i request some donations for the upcomming
> > linuxtag. Mirjam created a very cool Kubuntu Fyler. We need some cash to
> > print them.
> Mark has told me in the past he'd be happy to have a Kubuntu promo
> budget for stuff like that if someone would handle the work.

The budget is also for other people? How makes the decision who get
supported who not ? 

> > > I've not seen any request to have Canonical host kubuntu.de but I'm
> > > sure they'd be happy to.
> >
> > I'm sorry that i asked the people directly. Hendrick  a very nice guy
> > tried to help me. Unfortunately a vhost server for such a big host
> > is not possible. Again the same question, if kubuntu is a project, it's
> > easy to find sponsors for it. Guess nobody pay hosting if kubuntu is a
> > commercial project :)
> What's too big to host?  If it's live CDs that are the problem they
> can go on kubuntu.org.  The rest is just a website like any other loco
> group has?

The Server is too busy in order to run in a virtual instance.
Other people can also upload ? or it's just you and me?  Why access should be
limited ? That always keep us busy. I've no problem if people contribute.
What will happen if you're on a holliday trip, i'm busy with my job ?  
Or we both go to the Octoberfest :) 

> > "companies" want to sponsor into Kubuntu, same here,
> >
> > an original quote: "If the project is free, we are happy to support it,
> > if not like it looks like NOW, Mr. Shuttelworth should pay for it, we do
> > not support him personal"

Mark wanted not to invest a lot of money into kubuntu after hoary release, and 
he decided it will be a community only release after breezy he stated during 
UBZ something different?

> The project is free, you can download it at no cost and anyone can
> help with its development, so I'm not sure what is needed here.

Probably you missunderstood :) 
Free as downloading at no cost isn't accepable for me, please understand Free 
Software is my live, that is what i'm living for.

so what's the case? We could have sponsors which are ready to pump some really 
good money into the project, money and manpower, but then kubuntu has to 
be free from all ties with canonical. 

What's about the idea to start an Kubuntu free fork ? 


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