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Thu Oct 27 23:19:29 CDT 2005

Never mind I found it.

It's actually in the KDE source code and not a patch to Kubuntu. There is no
seperate mimetype for ipods, so it's given both the mimetype and .desktop
file of a "media/removable" device.



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Date: Oct 28, 2005 9:34 AM
Subject: Some questions about Breezy ipod support
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Hi There,

I've noticed that in Breezy when I plug an ipod in, then the media ioslave
recognizes it correctly as an ipod and displays the "ipod_mount" and
"ipod_unmount" icons from my current icon theme.

Is this a specific Kubuntu patch to the media ioslave?

Where does the .desktop file for the ipod reside? I would have thought that
it would be with the rest of the media desktop files in
$KDEDIR/mimelnk/media, but it isn't.

Does the ipod have it's own mimetype, or is it just using the media/storage
mimetype (i.e. the same mimetype as any other usb mass storage device)?

Thanks in advance,

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