Jamon Camisso jamon.camisso at utoronto.ca
Sat Oct 22 19:54:31 CDT 2005

Jason Straight wrote:
> I've been messing with this for too long, this is annoying enough to make me 
> give up and use windows (which I haven't done for years) as my primary OS.
> Anyway, KDE mounts my external storage automatically and there seems to be no 
> way to get it to quit, additionally annoying is that it opens konq to media:/ 
> for every partition, additionally annoying is that it does so even for 
> extended partitions which it can't mount (for obvious reasons).
> I've gone into kcontrol and stopped the KDED Media Manager, but it still does 
> it, this needs to be made configurable somehow, first to turn off 
> automounting alltogether, second an option to let it mount but not open a 
> window automatically. It's getting to be like using windows, only windows 
> actually works when you do this, and you can turn it off.
man fstab
sudo nano /etc/fstab

That should be a good start at turning off automounting.

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