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Thu Oct 13 18:12:39 CDT 2005


I've got a couple of problems with the new "systems settings" which render it 
unsusable. Here goes:

- Clicking "KDE Components", "security & privacy" and probably others freezes 
  the dialogue
- Opening Connections, there is no "Apply", and no "OK" button. That's really 
  unsual for KDE applications.
- The Show All button does not have any effect in a lot of modules (joystick, 
  connections, probably more), besides that it becomes greyed out after 
  clicking it once
- The same applies to the Reset button
- A lot of dialogues aren't shown completely, see [1], [2]
- The Joystick just shows an empty page (but it has apply, ok buttons)
- Display works, no working "Show All" there
  Working as expected: Mouse, 
- Resizing where no apply, ok is shown has a weird effect [3]

There's probably plenty more of these types of bugs, but I'll stop at this 


I know that I probably should've been complaining a lot earlier, but I still 
ask myself how such a buggy thing could ever make it into Kubuntu, and even 
in the first level of the K menu. At this point, most of KDE's settings 
simply aren't accessible anymore -- and kcontrol has been banished from the 
whole menu, it seems.

Or am I just stupid? *1

(*1 I'm not running the release, but just-before-3.4.3-made-it-into-breezy, 
are these issues fixed already? I'll upgrade and test again as soon as there 
are updated kmail packages with gpgme support -- or when I get hold of my 
other machine, whichever comes first.)

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