PyKDE, PyQt and SIP up-to-date (and in Hoary)

Paul Boddie paul at
Wed Oct 12 10:12:32 CDT 2005

On Wednesday 12 October 2005 15:25, Stephan Hermann wrote:
> Well, I will produce some new packages during dapper release cycle.
> For what I saw from the changelogs (which are not well maintained by
> upstream) of pykde, some things are not fixed (the issue mentioned
> above), but others are. So I/we have to patch the sources again.
> But yes, there will be new packages for Dapper Drake.

There's been a long pause in the releases for Debian and of the original 
package, yes.

> Well, you can point jdong to consult me, regarding hoary packages for
> python-kde3 and python-qt3. I can sit down with him and backport them.
> Backports are done only from breezy -> hoary, dapper -> breezy.
> So only packages which are available in a newer release cycle will be
> backported to older releases.

So what will happen with PyKDE in Breezy once it gets its final release? 
Maintenance updates? I don't necessarily advocate breaking people's systems, 
but I don't necessarily want a Red Hat experience either (with increasingly 
patched packages of ancient sources where packages of modern sources would be 
better). Anyway, I'll post to the backports list and see what can be done.

> Honestly, I was against pykde in main, because it's not as good
> maintained as PyQT is. Because the maintainer can't earn money with
> PyKDE in that way, he can earn money with PyQt (which is ok, in my point
> of view).
> So, actually the KDE Upstream guys are coming along and taking over the
> maintainership of PyKDE from upstream now, or we will have a bad PyKDE
> releases.

Is that the kdebindings package you're referring to? Personally, I don't see 
how (at least up to this point) forking PyKDE in that way brought very many 

> I'm for PyKDE yes, but with the support right now, I don't see PyKDE
> becoming a popstar ;)

That's a shame: with the various GNOME bindings also available, Python could 
quite easily become a powerful cross-desktop development tool.

Anyway, I'll pursue this matter on the backports list from now on, I think. 
Thanks for the help!


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