PyKDE, PyQt and SIP up-to-date (and in Hoary)

Stephan Hermann sh at
Wed Oct 12 00:21:43 CDT 2005

Good Morning,

Am Mittwoch, den 12.10.2005, 02:26 +0200 schrieb Paul Boddie:
> Hello,
> I recently found myself investigating whether up-to-date PyKDE, PyQt and SIP 
> packages might either exist or be made available for Kubuntu, and this led me 
> to a number of fairly new Debian packages prepared by Torsten Marek:
> With some hacked dependencies (and a single patch to PyKDE to enable some 
> functionality I find important), these packages work on Kubuntu Hoary, and I 
> thought it might be interesting to make these available. However, I see that 
> some other packaging work has been going on, yielding some slightly older 
> releases with an apparent focus on Kubuntu Breezy:

Well, yes this is a patched version of an older snapshot-release of
python-kde3, but with a working KConfigSkeleton.

> I also see that since PyKDE didn't get packaged for Hoary, we aren't going to 
> see any official release of it at any time in the future:

Depends, please ask the ubuntu-backports team, to backport it
officially. Easiest way: subscribe to ubuntu-backports ml, and ask for
it or ping jdong on freenode.

> So, what's the best way to get up-to-date packages for PyKDE, PyQt and SIP 
> available for Kubuntu? And what's the best channel to get these packages out 
> there for Hoary? I'm willing to put in some effort to make something happen.

For dapper we have to prepare some better support for
python-qt3/python-kde3 cause now with being in main, there is more work
to be done for those packages.



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