Nicola Larosa nico at
Tue Nov 22 10:49:57 CST 2005

> Like Nicola, I go back a little way and can include the heady experience 
> of Xtree in DOS.

Never used that. Tree showings are for people who can't keep the whole
directory tree inside their head. ;-) And the dual pane arrangement is so
brilliantly productive, there was no contest, ever. :-)

> On Windows, these days, I 
> use Directory Opus, and I'd probably vote it the best application off 
> all time, certainly the best utility. It really is very, very good. 

I didn't heard of it. Is it all that much better than Total Commander
(named Windows Commander before Christian Ghisler was harassed by Microsoft)?

> On Linux, there's only one usable dual pane file manager, and that is 
> Krusader.

Whoah, slow down tiger, you just cannot cast Midnight Commander away like
that. :-) It's still the best dual pane tool for the terminal, life would
not be the same without it.

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