marc gmane at
Tue Nov 22 09:50:01 CST 2005

Jonathan Riddell said...
> Krusader would like their file manager in Kubuntu.  Anyone have any
> opinions?

Like Nicola, I go back a little way and can include the heady experience 
of Xtree in DOS. I've been unable to imagine life without a dual pane 
file manager since. Even Windows 95 had a dual pane file manager. A 
single pane file manager is very much the contemporary Windows 
"experience" :-)

When starting out with KDE, I was shocked to find that Konq ignores this 
essential feature - split view does not come close - and just as 
surprised with its strange handling of tabs. On Windows, these days, I 
use Directory Opus, and I'd probably vote it the best application off 
all time, certainly the best utility. It really is very, very good. 

On Linux, there's only one usable dual pane file manager, and that is 
Krusader. In addition, the Krusader devs are ceaseless in their drive to 
improve the app. Superlative tools are key to the acceptance of Linux on 
the desktop, and Krusader appears to aiming to be in that group.

Kubuntu without Krusader is a weaker package than it could be.


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