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Tue Nov 8 11:44:07 CST 2005

--- Simon Edwards <simon at simonzone.com> wrote:
> > 3) Display Configuration - A very thorny area due
> to the large variation in
> > hardware. Wouldn't it be better focus work on
> improving the existing
> > QT-based tool for configuring X-Servers (Sax2) and
> integrating Sax2 into
> > mainline KDE?   
> The simple answer is that I hadn't heard about Sax2
> until this morning. :) And 
> after doing some googling I can only find very
> little information about it. 
> The projects at suse.com novell didn't list it. Is
> it even GPL?

Yes, I think it is GPL. You can download the latest
version at:


Thanks for considering my suggestions!


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