Simon Edwards simon at
Tue Nov 8 01:21:47 CST 2005

On Monday 07 November 2005 23:04, Luke Monahan wrote:
> > Speaking of which, I wasn't even aware that KNetAttach or remote:/
> > existed. I
> > haven't found a link or any mention of KNetAttach or remote:/ in Kubuntu.
> > This belongs on the "more inegration work needed" list.
> remote:/ is accessible via the "Remote Places" entry in the system menu
> kicker applet in Kubuntu, which in turn is just mirroring the system:/
> kioslave..

It probably should also be present on the "services" and "network" sidebar 
tabs in Konq, and in the Konqs menus, and also available in the KDE file 


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