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Mon Nov 7 16:04:38 CST 2005

> Speaking of which, I wasn't even aware that KNetAttach or remote:/
> existed. I
> haven't found a link or any mention of KNetAttach or remote:/ in Kubuntu.
> This belongs on the "more inegration work needed" list.

remote:/ is accessible via the "Remote Places" entry in the system menu
kicker applet in Kubuntu, which in turn is just mirroring the system:/

The problem with Yast is that it _isn't_ very nicely modularised at all.
> They
> built a configuration scripting language and then built everything on top
> of
> that. This makes things nice and difficult. I don't think any other distro
> has picked up Yast after they GPLed it. is a debian port of YaST, but it seems
to have stalled. I think it would be possible to inspect and reuse some of
the code in there (after a direct to python translation), but using it
wholesale would be rather difficult.

> 3) Display Configuration - A very thorny area due to the large variation
> in
> > hardware. Wouldn't it be better focus work on improving the existing
> > QT-based tool for configuring X-Servers (Sax2) and integrating Sax2 into
> > mainline KDE?

Maybe Sax2 is part of YaST?


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