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Giuseppe Bilotta bilotta78 at
Sat May 28 06:34:48 CDT 2005

On Sat, 28 May 2005 05:13:54 +0000, Rajeev J Sebastian wrote:

> I have a question:
> Is it only me ? or is anyone else having to mount via console ?
> pmount just isn't working. And there is no bug filed in bugzilla either. This 
> is wierd, no one is reporting the inability to mount hard disks wuthin 
> media:/.
> Anyway, after waiting for Kari to respond for 2 days, I have made a simple 
> script to do the renaming of media nodes with the following features:
> 1) If the partition has a volume label, it sets that as the label in media:/

What happens if two medias have the same volume label?

> 2) else if the user has already changed the name to something more appropriate 
> in media:/, it sets that as the label in media :/

Is this necessary? :)

> 3) else, it constructs a string "<OS> <device><partitionNumber>" where <OS> is 
> currently, "Linux", "Windows" and ".Linux Swap", the <device> is A,B,C,D, 
> etc. Volker's suggestion of using "." paid off and swap partitions are 
> hidden.

FWIW, Windows uses the term "Local disk (<drive letter>:)" for
unlabeled partitions. Something like "<OS> Local Disk
<device><partition number>" might be nice.

> It works on my machine, only if /etc/defaults/hal is edited and the last line 
> commented (the one with --drop-privileges). (This is also necessary if 
> fstab-sync/pmount is to be used for mounting, and so now, I am totally 
> confused: does kubuntu actually use fstab-sync/pmount ?)
> to actually run this, you need to install python2.4, python2.4-dcop and 
> python2.4-dbus (those are what I have).
> Since I do not have any windows partitions, I cannot verify this works for 
> windows (including the volume labels part). So, could someone please check it 
> for that ? 

I can test it. Would it work with the Live Kubuntu DVD? I haven't
installed it on my system yet ...

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