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Rajeev J Sebastian rajeev_jsv at
Thu May 26 12:30:26 CDT 2005

On Thursday 26 May 2005 5:19 am, Kari Pihkala wrote:
> 1. It doesn't look like it is possible to remove partitions from the
> media list (e.g. swap partitions).
> 2. Sadly, figuring out the drive letter for Windows partitions is not
> that simple. For instance, I have C, D, and F (E is the CD-ROM). So,
> perhaps it should simply show Windows 1, Windows 2,... so that it
> wouldn't confuse people.
You know thats a really good idea :). Perhaps the same scheme as in Linux 
(appending A1/A2/etc depending on the device location).

> The list is automatically persistent over bootups. It could check that
> if a media doesn't yet have a user label, then it would assign one. If
> the media has a user label, then don't overwrite it. That way, the
> user could also rename them.
Excellent idea. but the problem again: without your script storing some 
information, it is not possible to know which is a "new" media node. (unless 
kde media manager provides such data).
> CD-ROMs seems to be fine - they display the CD label. Actually,
> harddisk partitions also have a label - is it useful?
do you mean volume labels ?  If so, then I think it could be the values stored 
by windows. XP (from 98 onwards i think) supports changing the volume labels.
> So, my machine would look like (unknown is some logical partition
> created by windows):
> Floppy Drive
> Linux A2 (32M Media)
> Linux A5 (8.4G Media)
> Swap (542M Media)
> Unknown (1.0K Media)
> Windows 1 (4.2G Media)
> Windows 7 (17G Media)
> Windows 8 (9.7G Media)
This is really good. Care to post the updated script ? :)

Rajeev J Sebastian

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