media:/ shows unnecessary media

Kari Pihkala kari.pihkala at
Mon May 23 01:15:43 CDT 2005

Is it possible to display the name of the mount point? Now, it only
displays the size of the disk. If it would display the mount point
(boot, root, windowsc), it would be much clearer.

Also, in general, how can we know which issues should be fixed by
Kubuntu distro and which should be reported to KDE?? I bet there are
some things that can be fixed in the distro with some configuration
files (not necessarily this one..).

 - Kari

On 5/22/05, Donatas G. <ziogelis77 at> wrote:
> In my konqueror media:/ view I can see both the realy important disks, and the
> unnecessary disks, like the 1kb large „disk" of my second extended partition
> and also the swap.
> Is this a bug, and, if I were to report it, which part of KDE is it a bug of ?
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> Donatas Glodenis
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