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I have been around Kubuntu for awhile now working on documentation, stupid me 
only thought to join this list now.

There are a number of documentation efforts underway for Kubuntu. With the 
help of uniq we have preview versions of these documents at

I build and upload nightly updates to this site. I hope that people will take 
a look and perhaps identify parts that they would like to write. We are not 
looking for Shakespears English, so even if English is not your first 
language I hope you will consider contributing. English editing will be done 
as we go along.

The Docbook XML sources for these documents is all in

If you want only the KDE stuff you can checkout

This will enable you to edit, patch and build all the documents except the 
Installation Guide.

I would also like to extend an invitation to any developers who are currently 
writing applications for Kubuntu that don't have documentation. Please feel 
free to contact me so I can at least start by putting the framework in place 
for people to write documentation for your applications. The documents will 
be developed in the repository above. If the application moves upstream to 
KDE, the documents will also move upstream.

Thanks for your help. Hopefully we can get some great documentation out for 

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