GUI for system logs

Christoph Wiesen chris at
Fri Jun 24 14:06:36 CDT 2005

Hello everybody,

here's an idea for the next Kubuntu release. As I guess there will be some 
more gui administration tools - see the thread about Guidance (though it 
might have been on kubuntu-users) - I think this one would be a great 


The program is called KSystemLog and - as you might have guessed - it displays 
various system logs n a very comfortable and clean manner.

There already is a hoary package available, so having a look won't take a lot 
of time.

I linked directly to some comments because there is one small irritation in 
Kubuntu - basically the packager (nor me) doesn't find where the acpi and 
cron logs are in Kubuntu. Should be simple to fix this though.

Kind regards,


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