Hotkeys setup by Kubuntu install

Frank Siegert hugelmopf at
Thu Dec 22 18:15:53 GMT 2005

Sorry for this late reply.

12. Dezember 2005 16:45, Achim Bohnet:
| Hi,
| while many keyboards use the same keycode, some do not. Try e.g.,
| 	grep XF86AudioPlay /etc/X11/xkb/symbols/inet  | sort | uniq
| check kcontrol or the file if you laptop model isn't already there
| 	system settings -> regional & accessibility -> keyboard
| 		'keyboard model' in the layout tab
| and if not submit a bug report with the right setting for you laptop
| against xkeyboard-config.

Thanks for pointing this out. If these keycodes are not very generic, how does 
the Ubuntu installation do it? As you can see, I am no expert in this.

Furthermore, it's not nice to rely on one exact keyboard appearing in KDE's 
"keyboard model" listing (especially for thousands of different laptop 
types). How do we enable the user to activate his special keys?

| I fully agree that autoconfig of the special keys during
| installation is badly missing in kubuntu.  (Have not checked what
| needs to be done.)

Maybe the [0]keyboard layout selector can be extended to also probe for 
multimedia keys? But the question remains: What is Ubuntu installation doing?


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