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Fri Dec 23 01:39:40 GMT 2005

On Thursday 22 December 2005 19:15, Frank Siegert wrote:
> Sorry for this late reply.
> 12. Dezember 2005 16:45, Achim Bohnet:
> | Hi,
> | while many keyboards use the same keycode, some do not. Try e.g.,
> |
> | 	grep XF86AudioPlay /etc/X11/xkb/symbols/inet  | sort | uniq
> |
> | check kcontrol or the file if you laptop model isn't already there
> |
> | 	system settings -> regional & accessibility -> keyboard
> | 		'keyboard model' in the layout tab
> |
> | and if not submit a bug report with the right setting for you laptop
> | against xkeyboard-config.
> Thanks for pointing this out. If these keycodes are not very generic, how does 
> the Ubuntu installation do it? As you can see, I am no expert in this.

I don't know.  Is on my todo to ask on #ubuntu-laptop (as too many other things)
> Furthermore, it's not nice to rely on one exact keyboard appearing in KDE's 
> "keyboard model" listing (especially for thousands of different laptop 
> types). How do we enable the user to activate his special keys?

I assume that at least for laptops dmidecode can be used figure it out.  E.g.

# dmidecode
System Information
        Manufacturer: Dell Computer Corporation
        Product Name: Latitude D600

For PS/2 for USB other methods are needed.
> | I fully agree that autoconfig of the special keys during
> | installation is badly missing in kubuntu.  (Have not checked what
> | needs to be done.)
> Maybe the [0]keyboard layout selector can be extended to also probe for 
> multimedia keys? But the question remains: What is Ubuntu installation doing?

I don't think that a good idea to use the keyboard selector. Too time consuming.

At least for half a dozend Dell Laptops Models and Optiplex Models PC I got always
pc104.  So I guess that it nothing is done (yet?) during installation.

If you want to help, ask on IRC #ubuntu-laptop and let us

> 0:
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