Modem users' pain

Frank Siegert hugelmopf at
Tue Dec 13 13:13:59 GMT 2005

13. December 2005 01:04, Matthew Garrett:
| sl-modem-daemon really ought to be on the install CD - I was looking
| into this for Breezy, but ran out of time. Sorry about that! With a bit
| of luck it'll be there for Dapper. Certainly for Dapper, I'm aiming for
| supporting as many winmodems as possible without extra configuration.

That is nice. Are you responsible for modem configuration in Ubuntu/Kubuntu? 
Is there any way I can help you?

| On the downside, we won't be supporting Conexant modems at all. Closer
| investigation of the Linuxant driver has revealed that it's horribly in
| violation of the GPL, so shipping it would just be an invitation to get
| sued. I've notified the people whose copyright has been infringed, so
| we'll see what happens there.

They would have been limited to 14.4k anyways, so that is not too big of a 
loss I guess.

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