Mozilla Firefox & KDE file associations

Frederik Himpe frederik.himpe at
Wed Aug 10 14:34:23 CDT 2005


I'm using Kubuntu 5.04 Hoary and have installed Firefox. Now the problem
is that Firefox does ignore KDE's file associations, and probably uses
Gnome's file associatitions, while Gnome in fact is not installed. The
result is that for a lot of downloaded files, Firefox does not know with
which program to open them (e.g. PostScript files), while for others, it
makes very strange choices (e.g. opening *.c files with less, *.tar.gz
files with tar).

I can indicate by hand with which program the file should be opened, but
Firefox does not save this setting. The next time, I have to make the same
choice again. Is there a solution for this? Is this problem being worked
on in Breezy?

Frederik Himpe

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