[Bug 7880] Konqueror often uses hard-to-see colors for tab text

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------- Additional Comments From tom.fernandes at credativ.co.uk  2005-04-01 11:52 UTC -------
Some issue which comes up because the color of the inactive-tab text is now darker:
making this color darker also makes the color of the inactive titlebar text darker.
In combination with the shadow effect from the plasitk theme this is getting
hard to read.
An easy way to fix this would be to remove the shadow effect.

cut and paste from irc:

12:07 < ttf> Riddell: thanks for the tab issue fix - but the problem is now,
that the titlebar text of inactive windows is pretty hard to read (blured)
             because of the shadow effect.
12:08 < ttf> Riddell: snapshots at
http://halls.debian.net/~tom/snapshots/titlebar_with_shadow.png and
12:09 < ttf> Riddell: fix would be to add kwinplastikrc to your
kubuntu-default-settings/.../config/ containing the following lines:
12:10 < ttf> [General]
12:10 < ttf> TitleShadow=false

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