[Bug 1142213] Re: emacs23/24 GUI does not start when run in Kubuntu 13.04 with oxygen-gtk theme enabled

Olof Staffans olof.staffans at abo.fi
Mon Apr 29 07:13:12 UTC 2013

I've got the same problems (see Bug 1173857).

Sorry for my ignorance, but how do I change the theme from oxygen to
something else?

I just did some testing to se what causes emacs23 to hang:

- If I start emacs from a terminal, then it most of the time does to open a new window.
- emacs -nw from a terminal works fine (as also noticed above) 
- If I start emacs from the kubuntu menu, then it (almost) always starts, and does not hang immiately.  After that there are many things that I can do before Emacs hangs, such as:

- compose an E-mail message (using M-X mail).  It hangs only when I try to send the mail (using Ctl-C).
- Write some text in the scratch-window, and save it to the disk.
- I can edit some more, and do a "recover file" to get back what I saved earlier, and it still works fine.
- Many of the the help menues under Ctl-H work fine. However, Ctl-H r makes it hang.  After that I have to wait some time before it again starts properly.
- The window splitting commands work fine.

However, there are certain commands that always make Emacs hang:

- Find file (Ctl-X Ctl-F)
- Visit File (Ctl-X Ctl-V)
- Dired
- Sending of Mail
- Ctl-H r (Display the Emacs manual in Info mode.)

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  emacs23/24 GUI does not start when run in Kubuntu 13.04 with oxygen-
  gtk theme enabled

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