[Bug 1080701] Re: After 'Preparing to install Ubuntu' screen, raring installation hangs

codeslinger codeslinger at compsalot.com
Fri Apr 12 18:36:37 UTC 2013

further thoughts... now that I have done half-a-dozen full installs plus
many tests...

I think some of the reports above of failures are actually false
positives.  What many people probably do not realize is that partman is
very slow...  I have not benchmarked it for the exact timing, but it's
on the order of several minutes to perform it's disk checks prior to
displaying the menu.  This long delay could easily be mistaken for a
hung session.  You must wait for 5 to 10 minutes before you conclude
that it is actually hung and not just being slow.

However, having said that...  I must also say that so far the only
totally relaible way that I have found to get partman to work, is to
turn off the auto-mounted swap before runnung the installer.

As far as where to begin, in order to find the problem, the chief
observation is that I don't recall encountering any problems when
installing 12.10 and I am certain that the install of 12.04 was trouble-
free.  So to track down this problem I suggest starting by comparing
what changed.

The script itself is archiac legacy code...  I know that shell, sed and
awk have a grand old tradition in the history of *nix, but really and
truely it is a horrible way to do programming.  perhaps it is time for a
full rewrite?  several pieces are already written in python, why not
convert the whole thing to python?  and get rid of those unix sockets
too since that is undoubtly where the hangs are occuring.  just a

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  After 'Preparing to install Ubuntu' screen, raring installation hangs

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