[Bug 1080701] Re: After 'Preparing to install Ubuntu' screen, raring installation hangs

Samir Ibradžić sibradzic at gmail.com
Thu Apr 4 00:46:58 UTC 2013

This bug is also present in netboot installer (text mode, version
20101020ubuntu227, 02-Apr-2013), confirmed 5 minutes ago. I use 3 HDDs,
two of which are mdraid mirror. The " swapoff -a" trick didnt work for
me, but as Roman Yepishev (thanks rye!) suggested, feedeing two OKs to
/var/lib/partman/outfifio helped:

echo OK > /var/lib/partman/outfifio

Each OK produced this dmesg line:

kernel: [timestamp] brtfs: open /dev/sdf1 failed

After two OKs, got into partitioner menu, and the business could be done
as usual. Now, /dev/sdf1 is just one of the mdraid (ID:FD) partitions,
and it is ext4, WTF brtfs fails on it? Could this be a brtfs module

Needles to say, netboot installer is critical for numerous server
deployments, PLEASE FIX!

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  After 'Preparing to install Ubuntu' screen, raring installation hangs

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