[Bug 381599] Re: kword fails to start

bvidinli_ehcp bvidinli at gmail.com
Mon Jun 8 19:51:00 UTC 2009

Maybe, maybe this issue does not exist in a clean Jaunty 9.04

My computer runs Ubuntu 9.04, which is upgraded from previous version.
This may not be seen as a clean install. Because this is an upgrade,
and I have many programs installed... What is interesting, I lived
same situation in another desktop computer who has not so much
software, only server components, such as apache, postfix, ehcp
(control panel) and so on..

Anyway, i think that, even somebody installs on a non-new Ubuntu or
similar distro, koffice or kword should handle those situations and
should clean up itself... This is a very generic situation, " i am
using an Ubuntu, and installing koffice.. " thats it..
By the way, other software on my desktop runs almost flawlesly... I
mean, the Ubuntu and other software is working good...

Thank you for your helps, i may do any other test if you wish...

Last status: kword-kspread still starts very slow...

see you...

On Mon, Jun 8, 2009 at 8:04 PM, Harald Sitter<apachelogger at ubuntu.com> wrote:
> Well, the debug is caused by an underlying library and probably deserves
> a seperate bug report.
> But there is indeed something very wrong with your ksycoca4 (or rather -
> was).
> Reading through the log you attached you will find a lot of lines saying
> "new:" or "modified:" each of those lines represents either a newly
> installed (in this case most importantly KOffice) or a updated .desktop
> file.
> This is very concerning because it seems that something prevented your
> kbuildsycoca4 from being autoexecuted (or at least prevented it from
> storing its data afterwards). As far as I know this tool should be
> invoked by one of the most essential components of the KDE desktop, so I
> find it rather impossible that it didn't get run at all, which makes
> this whole issue a whole lot more weird.
> Also, I'd like to mention that I failed to reproduce this issue on my almost-stock-jaunty installation. Jonathan Thomas is now going to try with a clean jaunty installation and KOffice 2.0.0.
> It is indeed possible that whatever causes this issue is not present in Kubuntu 9.04 and/or KOffice 2.0.0.
> ** Changed in: koffice2 (Ubuntu)
>       Status: Incomplete => Confirmed
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> kword fails to start
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kword fails to start
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