[Bug 34389] Re: Lid state is incorrect on Dell Inspiron 700m

johnp51d john.mcalister at gmacinsurance.com
Sat Feb 14 17:34:47 UTC 2009

Ok, I've finally come up with a pretty good work around for this.
First, go to this website: http://www.linux.com/articles/54610  and
follow the instructions to create your own sleep file and command to
launch it when the lid is closed.  You don't need to bother with the
commands for hibernating when the power button is pushed.  One thing I
did differently though than the web site was when you write this line:

event=button[ /]lid.*

I did it this way instead:


Once you restart, the computer should reliably suspend when you close
the lid. You can leave it like this if you like, but the gnome-power-
management wont control anything.

If you want to get gnome-power-manager working again, log in as root and
go to /etc/acpi  and pull the event and actions folder to the desktop.
Now open up synaptic and search for acpi.  Go through and select each
result and check it for reinstall.  Then apply the changes and your
/ect/acpi directory should be back to it's original defaults.  Now drag
the actions and events folders that you put on the desktop into
/etc/acpi and overwrite when prompted.  Restart the computer and then
open up power management.  Select action when lid is closed for a/c and
battery to “do nothing.”  This is because our new commands will handle
that, but every other aspect of gnome-power-management still works

The only problems with this workaround on my Inspiron 700M is that it
does not prompt for a password when you resume from suspend.  This is
actually preferable for me, but I'm sure someone can figure a way to add
that feature in.  Also, lid state always returns as “closed” now instead
of going back and forth.  I have not found anything yet, however, that
is impacted by this.

Lid state is incorrect on Dell Inspiron 700m
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