[Bug 24533] Re: Fail to boot smp kernel

Antonio Ricardo Soares da Silva Correia antonioricardo.correia at gmail.com
Wed Sep 20 08:58:20 UTC 2006

Richard, perhaps you are right in what concerns the ATI 7000 but that doesn't explain why my system works flawlessly with the other distributions and only fails with (K)Ubuntu. Oddly enough, now, even the plain 686 kernels don´t work in my machine. I´ve tried all since I installed Dapper and they freeze in X like the SMP ones. I wonder if they have merged 686 and 686_SMP kernels because I had one running for about 2 minutes before freezing and gkrellm indicated 2 processors what it only does with the SMP version of the kernel.
 So as you might guess, since Dapper was released I'm forced to use the 386 kernels and keep wondering why this just happens with (K)Ubuntu and not with the other dists. What are they doing wrong?

Fail to boot smp kernel

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