[Bug 36981] Re: KMail crashed when starting up

Craig clrobnsn at uiuc.edu
Sun May 14 17:32:27 UTC 2006

I seem to have solved the problem. Based on the above comment, I did:

rm ~/.kde/share/apps/kmail/*

but that had no effect. I then did:

rm ~/.kde/share/apps/kmail/imap/.780618247.directory

and things started working again. I expect the number will be different
for everyone, but essentially the directory held a copy of all of the
files that were on imap. I can now postulate that by deleting files on
the imap server (see my post above), and quiting kmail before everything
had been updated, there was an inconsistency in the local version of the
imap server(?). If it is obvious that i don't know what I am talking
about - its true - I don't! However, that is what it seems like!
Everything, including the proper imap directory works now.

KMail crashed when starting up

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