[Bug 22024] Conflicted dependency for 'Kat', the file searching program, in dapper

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Tue Jan 10 10:48:06 UTC 2006

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------- Additional Comments From luke.seubert at verizon.net  2006-01-10 10:48 UTC -------
Quite right. As I discovered after installation, kat 0.6.4 in Ubuntu Dapper has
all the crashing and respawning problems that have been reported a number of
times to the primary Kat developers at their website.

I was going to file a similar bugreport with Ubuntu Universe, but figured that
you folks already know about the problem that upstream is having with Kat.
Should I just let things go and await the next update of Kat, or should I file a
bug report with Ubuntu Bugzilla?

Thank you,
Luke Seubert

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