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Juerg Haefliger juerg.haefliger at
Wed Jul 15 07:51:51 UTC 2020

> > Google 'ubuntu kernel-team' and the first hit is:  
> Ok, look, why would I google specifically the term "ubuntu kernel-team" 
> before I knew that's what it was called, and that that's who maintained 
> the mainline-ppa web site? How would I know that much to begin with?

OK. Fair enough.

> When I duckduckgo "ubuntu mainline kernels" which is a reasonable search 
> term for the info I actually have to start with, the first result is 
> actually
> and the next is

There you go. There's a link to an FAQ which contains items 'How do I find
the kernel team?' and 'I have a kernel problem where do I go?'.
Not easy enough? OK. There's also a link to the that wiki page in the README in
the mainline ppa and in the HTML header.

Sorry that we're not perfect but it's not that hard to find us.

> and the rest are all over the rest of the internet not ubuntu or 
> canonical. Similarly for "ubuntu mainline-ppa" another reasonable 
> starting point.
> When you go to
> Or any of the kernel download folders,
> what info is there?
> Nothing. The only thing remotely like an about us or contact us is a 
> link for all of Ubuntu.
> I can't even find this very list address.
> I think I must have got it from the Maintainer field inside of one of 
> the .deb packages.
> Ok? Are we done deflecting and trying to make a reasonable question 
> sound unreasonable instead of just saying you don't have a good answer? 
> You know it's actually ok to not have a great answer. Organizations are 
> large and messy and there are always a pile of little details like that 
> that are missed.

Did you not see my reply from 2 hours ago where I said that I'm looking into it?
Is that not good enough either? How about this: What I found in the meantime is
that it's supposed to be fixed since yesterday.

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