ACK: [PATCH 0/8] [B][SRU] add 8 BD limit for tx flow

Colin Ian King colin.king at
Thu Jul 9 08:44:06 UTC 2020

On 09/07/2020 08:30, Ike Panhc wrote:
> BugLink:
> We have reports hns3 is down while iscsi and spark tests.
> The first patch ("net: hns3: add 8 BD limit for tx flow")
> is the fix but also need to cherry-pick patch d1a37dedcfcf
> to fix a use-after-free issue introudcing by first fix.
> To satisfy patch dependency and also several patches has
> to be cherry-picked along way.
> These patches are also available in the Git repository at:
>   git:// lp1859756.2
> Peng Li (1):
>   net: hns3: add 8 BD limit for tx flow
> Yunsheng Lin (7):
>   net: hns3: avoid mult + div op in critical data path
>   net: hns3: remove some ops in struct hns3_nic_ops
>   net: hns3: fix for not calculating tx bd num correctly
>   net: hns3: unify maybe_stop_tx for TSO and non-TSO case
>   net: hns3: add check for max TX BD num for tso and non-tso case
>   net: hns3: fix for TX queue not restarted problem
>   net: hns3: fix a use after free problem in hns3_nic_maybe_stop_tx()
>  .../net/ethernet/hisilicon/hns3/hns3_enet.c   | 154 ++++++++----------
>  .../net/ethernet/hisilicon/hns3/hns3_enet.h   |  15 +-
>  .../ethernet/hisilicon/hns3/hns3_ethtool.c    |   1 +
>  3 files changed, 78 insertions(+), 92 deletions(-)
As Stefan noted there are commits here that may not be necessary, but
they look OK to me as part of the backporting exercise.  Also the test
results are good and the changes are focused on a specific piece of
hardware so regression potential is limited.

Acked-by: Colin Ian King <colin.king at>

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