The Daily Bug Report for Wednesday, 28. November 2018 22:38 UTC

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Wed Nov 28 23:00:02 UTC 2018

The Daily Bug Report
Wednesday, 28. November 2018 22:38 UTC

The linux package acquired 4 new bugs in the last 24 hrs.

Bug       Title                                                           Series      Importance      Status           Assignee
-------   ------------------------------------------------------------    --------    ------------    -------------    ---------------------
1805527   [System Product Name, ATI R6xx HDMI, Digital Out, HDMI] S...    bionic      Undecided       Incomplete       Unassigned
1805655   BUG: unable to handle kernel NULL pointer dereference at ...    bionic      Undecided       Confirmed        Unassigned
1805670   18.04 LTS - ACPI parsing errors in ZBook G5 Mobile Workst...    bionic      Undecided       Incomplete       Unassigned
1805693   User reports a hang on 18.04 LTS(4.15.18) under a heavy I...    bionic      Undecided       Incomplete       Unassigned

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