libcpupower development package

Dmitry Shachnev mitya57 at
Sat Aug 26 11:41:49 UTC 2017

Dear kernel team,

Currently the only way to access cpufreq API on Ubuntu is using libcpufreq-dev
package from cpufrequtils [1]. However that package is deprecated and has not
been updated since 2012.

The recommended upstream alternative for that is the cpupower library, which
is part of Linux kernel. Currently Ubuntu kernel ships the shared library (in
the linux-tools-* packages), but not the development headers.

There is a bug open since 2013 [2] requesting adding a package for development
headers. Last year I proposed a patch [3] which adds such a package in a way
compatible to Debian (so that we can sync Debian packages using it without
delta). I got a response from Tim Gardner saying that the development package
should be versioned. I argued that it would be difficult to implement (the
only way to have the same files in multiple packages that I know is using
alternatives system), and will break compatibility with Debian.

Can you please reconsider my patch, or tell me how I should handle installing
the same files in packages with different names? Provided that the API for
cpupower does not change frequently, I would still prefer if my original
approach (without versioned package name) was used.


With best wishes,

Dmitry Shachnev

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