initramfs-tools 0.126 release

Ben Hutchings ben at
Thu Dec 15 23:05:11 UTC 2016

This update fixes a number of bugs reported in the Debian bug tracker,
adds the unmkinitramfs command, and reverts the changes in 0.124 and
0.125 to support detached module signatures.


Ben Hutchings (17):
      bash-completion: Fix installation of update-initramfs completion script
      Revert "hook-functions: Add detached module signatures if present"
      update-initramfs, hooks/resume: Use ischroot command instead of our own function
      hook-functions: Make copy_file return 0 on creating a link to an existing file
      Fix initramfs.conf move to ensure default values are upgraded
      Remove obsolete bash-completion file on upgrade
      Remove code that prunes 'broken' symlinks and sometimes /etc/mtab
      auto_add_modules: Add all I2C bus and mux drivers when MODULES=most
      maintainer-notes.html: Update 'git buildpackage' commands to use gbp too
      maintainer-notes.html: Fix post-clean option to gbp buildpackage
      Use debhelper compatibility level 9
      debian/control: Update Standards-Version to 3.9.8; no changes needed
      Revert "initramfs-tools: Install script to be invoked by linux-signed postinst"
      unmkinitramfs: Rewrite command syntax
      unmkinitramfs: Unpack early and main cpio archives in separate directories
      initramfs-tools: Remove obsolete linux-signed postinst script on upgrade
      Releasing version 0.126.

Kevin Locke (1):
      Create unmkinitramfs command

Michael Prokop (1):
      mkinitramfs: consider *.conf files only, also from /lib/modprobe.d/ + don't complain about empty dirs

Ben Hutchings
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