[Vivid][PULL v2]: ubuntu/i915 backport driver for Skylake & Cherryview

Timo Aaltonen timo.aaltonen at canonical.com
Thu Mar 19 17:17:14 UTC 2015

On 11.03.2015 18:46, Timo Aaltonen wrote:
> git://kernel.ubuntu.com/tjaalton/ubuntu-trusty.git i915-bpo

I've pushed a new version, based to current drm-intel-next-queued and adding a couple of drm cherry-picks and backports.
Excuses updated:

Here are some explanations on why all of this is necessary..

- the driver itself, with one cherry-pick to match the PCI id split in the driver
- needed because 3.19 isn't good enough for either of these
- both SKL/CHV are unreleased HW, so adding the backport is risk-free
eb4080bc914a9df UBUNTU: SAUCE: i915_bpo: Provide a backport driver for Skylake & Cherryview graphics
0a279763826b430 UBUNTU: SAUCE: i915_bpo: Update intel_ips.h file location
c632cb636711ddd UBUNTU: SAUCE: i915_bpo: Only support Skylake and Cherryview with the backport driver
81c6704425b953b UBUNTU: SAUCE: i915_bpo: Rename the backport driver to i915_bpo
dee12d6acf73513 UBUNTU: i915_bpo: [Config] Enable CONFIG_DRM_I915_BPO=m
575c88edb3d83b7 UBUNTU: SAUCE: i915_bpo: Add i915_bpo_*() calls for ubuntu/i915
c6f6d50ddfde99c UBUNTU: SAUCE: i915_bpo: Revert "drm/i915: remove unused power_well/get_cdclk_freq api"
01b80b88634e767 UBUNTU: SAUCE: i915_bpo: Add i915_bpo specific power well calls
4b789baff00637f drm/i915/skl: Split the SKL PCI ids by GT

- most, if not all of the core drm API additions from 4.0... atomic modeset can't
  really be reverted from the driver so while it's a big list of commits there's no
- note that these barely change the other drivers, since they
  only add new helpers etc
- exceptions to this are f7898653f603bb5 429cd3207ff3c9e and a888a168b181961
  which touch stock i915 and msm drivers, but the changes are small or fix bugs
d96345b6886340d drm: Reorganize probed mode validation
ad2fd50f3232c46 drm: Perform basic sanity checks on probed modes
a067ca70a4d155e drm: Do basic sanity checks for user modes
d1cf556f8b10ddd drm/atomic-helper: Export both plane and modeset check helpers
f7898653f603bb5 drm/atomic-helper: Again check modeset *before* plane states
429cd3207ff3c9e drm/atomic: Introduce state->obj backpointers
c5dbb038e3a6652 drm: allow property validation for refcnted props
bd1bbe0da45bd26 drm: store property instead of id in obj attachment
4de4d6eb856afe1 drm: get rid of direct property value access
ab08ce4c9e1a940 drm: add atomic_set_property wrappers
7fe9b99c9da3939 drm: tweak getconnector locking
afa2b20ca09a07e drm: add atomic_get_property
90192e236e0b19d drm: Remove unneeded braces for single statement blocks
c8a373144f7e712 drm: refactor getproperties/getconnector
73623e331132a22 drm: add atomic properties
61595dce963b980 drm/atomic: atomic_check functions
37ba6f878cc0046 drm: small property creation cleanup
61ef9057bb6d012 drm/atomic: atomic plane properties
97cabe0f72bcc01 drm/atomic: atomic connector properties
960b1932d343fb4 drm: Atomic modeset ioctl
4e46aca5d524382 drm/atomic: Hide drm.ko internal interfaces
4cf12e610f60784 drm: Ensure universal_planes is set for atomic
09833c641dcd6de drm: fix mismerge in drm_crtc.c
7699586731508e4 drm: bit of spell-check / editorializing.
ad2afe6faf0c42b drm: add support for tiled/compressed/etc modifier in addfb2
3e3b554c22a1401 drm: Add rotation value to plane state
a888a168b181961 drm: add helper to get crtc timings (v5)
c3eca923cfc206e drm: Adding edp1.4 specific dpcd macros
6129d69abd51246 drm/plane-helper: Skip prepare_fb/cleanup_fb when newfb==oldfb

- partial api additions from commits that would also touch the stock i915 driver,
  some from drm-intel-next branch
0638f3071778110 UBUNTU: SAUCE: Backport I915_PARAM_MMAP_VERSION and I915_MMAP_WC
20f13c92167bd30 UBUNTU: SAUCE: Partial backport of drm/i915: Add ioctl to set per-context parameters
6506a35d34e4065 UBUNTU: SAUCE: drm/i915: Specify bsd rings through exec flag
4c871fe18b93c42 UBUNTU: SAUCE: drm/i915: add I915_PARAM_HAS_BSD2 to i915_getparam
87d84f3b3c81e66 UBUNTU: SAUCE: drm/i915: add component support
7650087e0ca451a UBUNTU: SAUCE: drm/i915: Add tiled framebuffer modifiers
319bedc05b1478e UBUNTU: SAUCE: Backport new displayable tiling formats
1e7dfdb9502d96b UBUNTU: SAUCE: Backport drm_crtc_vblank_reset() helper
6178339a1443321 UBUNTU: SAUCE: drm/i915: Add I915_PARAM_REVISION
aba441b4d1b29d0 UBUNTU: SAUCE: drm/i915: Export total subslice and EU counts

even with these neither SKL nor CHV survive S3 (my systems anyway), so expect to see further updates
later on..

timo.aaltonen at canonical.com

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