[Vivid][PULL]: ubuntu/i915 backport driver for Skylake & Cherryview

Timo Aaltonen tjaalton at ubuntu.com
Wed Mar 11 16:46:33 UTC 2015


  Soo, here's the first take on providing a backport driver for SKL/CHV currently based on drm-intel-next-2015-02-27 tag, ie. code that's going to end up in 4.1. The plan has recently changed to support Cherryview (=Braswell) too so the driver module is named 'i915_bpo' ('backport', as used in Debian), still easy to change though so feel free to bikeshed :).

git://kernel.ubuntu.com/tjaalton/ubuntu-trusty.git i915-bpo

Here are some explanations on why all of this is necessary..

- the driver itself, with one cherry-pick to match the PCI id split in the driver
- needed because 3.19 isn't good enough for either of these
- both SKL/CHV are unreleased HW, so adding the backport is risk-free 
d7863237afd3401 UBUNTU: SAUCE: i915_bpo: Provide an ubuntu/i915 driver for Skylake & Cherryview graphics
717fd129a292173 UBUNTU: SAUCE: i915_bpo: Update intel_ips.h file location
274433101bc2eff UBUNTU: SAUCE: i915_bpo: Only support Skylake and Cherryview with ubuntu/i915 driver
1a119b0c1735719 drm/i915/skl: Split the SKL PCI ids by GT
21a058c80c2f477 UBUNTU: SAUCE: i915_bpo: Rename ubuntu/i915 driver to i915_bpo
182389cbd5816af UBUNTU: i915_bpo: [Config] Enable CONFIG_DRM_I915_BPO=m
015fdf79d5cc51b UBUNTU: SAUCE: i915_bpo: Add i915_bpo_*() calls for ubuntu/i915

- most, if not all of the core drm API additions from 4.0... atomic modeset can't
  really be reverted from the driver so while it's a big list of commits there's no
- note that these do not change the other drivers at all, since they
  only add new helpers etc
265d46624f594ff drm: Reorganize probed mode validation
96f7254284e4015 drm: Perform basic sanity checks on probed modes
c3c0026ff7ecdf6 drm: Do basic sanity checks for user modes
d0b6c76aeeb812d drm/atomic-helper: Export both plane and modeset check helpers
e34c47d04c58446 drm/atomic-helper: Again check modeset *before* plane states
1c1a8a8924a07d6 drm/atomic: Introduce state->obj backpointers
7d6fc4324f93536 drm: allow property validation for refcnted props
5fc1c9c7649800e drm: store property instead of id in obj attachment
61644158ba4819f drm: get rid of direct property value access
14baedcaf0f1453 drm: add atomic_set_property wrappers
a07632764fda129 drm: tweak getconnector locking
3507ddfac832048 drm: add atomic_get_property
2e5fdc6f5f0e5c0 drm: Remove unneeded braces for single statement blocks
02eca8f23f2b129 drm: refactor getproperties/getconnector
04d4cc8b14d4ff9 drm: add atomic properties
c5c5c57470d2f6a drm/atomic: atomic_check functions
09da9c0b363a96e drm: small property creation cleanup
0ccb632700fefde drm/atomic: atomic plane properties
af5e08d60bfb988 drm/atomic: atomic connector properties
e529e25acd92a3d drm: Atomic modeset ioctl
7aeedaf86e0e835 drm/atomic: Hide drm.ko internal interfaces
5d0881e292cb9a4 drm: Ensure universal_planes is set for atomic
3453173a1017a1b drm: fix mismerge in drm_crtc.c
0d5c7a37b2e0dcb drm: bit of spell-check / editorializing.
89fb709e3b12d02 drm: add support for tiled/compressed/etc modifier in addfb2
8db9ea8275eb9bc drm: Add rotation value to plane state
83edf32592de449 drm: add helper to get crtc timings (v5)

- partial api additions from commits that would also touch the stock i915 driver,
  some from drm-intel-next branch
94aab29d241e704 UBUNTU: SAUCE: Backport I915_PARAM_MMAP_VERSION and I915_MMAP_WC
e829f866d32b1ac UBUNTU: SAUCE: Partial backport of drm/i915: Add ioctl to set per-context parameters
bfeef3c69159090 UBUNTU: SAUCE: drm/i915: Specify bsd rings through exec flag
5a4929635272e77 UBUNTU: SAUCE: drm/i915: add I915_PARAM_HAS_BSD2 to i915_getparam
0de097db157ba58 UBUNTU: SAUCE: drm/i915: add component support
1c5501a0480df48 UBUNTU: SAUCE: drm/i915: Add tiled framebuffer modifiers
3ad59b5901da30d UBUNTU: SAUCE: Backport new displayable tiling formats
0e43851b1c552e0 UBUNTU: SAUCE: Backport drm_crtc_vblank_reset() helper

- this is for snd_hda_intel, though there's no powerwell support for SKL/CHV in
  the audio driver yet
d46e66183c3fdba UBUNTU: SAUCE: i915_bpo: Revert "drm/i915: remove unused power_well/get_cdclk_freq api"

I've tested a kernel build on SKL/CHV/BDW, and at least BDW still works mostly fine using the stock i915 module :)


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