natty/ti-omap4 CVE catchup

Andy Whitcroft apw at
Tue Sep 4 10:23:56 UTC 2012

As we are uploading the last Natty kernels (baring critical CVEs) in this
cadance cycle I have just been reviewing the CVE matrix for these
kernels.  It seems that a number of the recent CVEs were not applied to
the natty/ti-omap4 branch (which is _not_ a rebase branch).  It seems
appropriate that natty/master and natty/ti-omap4 end up with the same
fixes (and flaws).  

I have therefore pulled the missing commits and pushed them to the
natty/ti-omap4 repo.  This consists of the commits below representing
3 CVEs:

    a3e67ae mm: Hold a file reference in madvise_remove
    47c94da sfc: Fix maximum number of TSO segments and minimum TX queue size
    dc7496e sfc: Replace some literal constants with EFX_PAGE_SIZE/EFX_BUF_SIZE
    e0cb62e tcp: Apply device TSO segment limit earlier
    7accfd1 tcp: do not scale TSO segment size with reordering degree
    ef9577d net: Allow driver to limit number of GSO segments per skb
    a9a23ae KVM: unmap pages from the iommu when slots are removed

These are all commits as applied to and released or releasing for


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