The Daily Bug Report for Friday, 09. March 2012 06:36 UTC

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Fri Mar 9 07:00:08 UTC 2012

The Daily Bug Report
Friday, 09. March 2012 06:36 UTC

The linux package acquired 18 new bugs in the last 24 hrs.

Bug       Title                                                           Series      Importance      Status           Assignee
-------   ------------------------------------------------------------    --------    ------------    -------------    ---------------------
949709    BUG: soft lockup - CPU#0 stuck for 23s! [kworker/0:0:21386]     precise     Medium          Incomplete       Unassigned
949773    BUG: soft lockup - CPU#4 stuck for 22s! [VirtualBox:17557]      precise     Medium          Incomplete       Unassigned
949822    btrfs  module - invalid opcode                                  oneiric     Medium          Incomplete       Unassigned
949882    linux: 3.0.0-17.30 -proposed tracker                            oneiric     Medium          In Progress      Unassigned
949905    CVE-2012-1097                                                               Undecided       New              Andy Whitcroft
950003    kernel BUG at /build/buildd/linux-3.2.0/drivers/gpu/drm/i...    precise     Medium          Incomplete       Unassigned
950021    Fan Runs All The Time                                           oneiric     Medium          Incomplete       Unassigned
950046    BUG: unable to handle kernel paging request at 00000ecfff...    precise     Medium          Incomplete       Unassigned
950056    Reboot hangs on Dell OptiPlex 780 (board 03NVJ6); reboot=...    oneiric     Medium          Confirmed        Unassigned
950201    Hard disk 3.2.0-17-generic-pae                                  precise     Medium          Incomplete       Unassigned
950263    No signal via DisplayPort on Sandy Bridge since Linux 3.2       precise     Medium          Incomplete       Unassigned
950295    acer laptop hangs during boot process; 12.04 - b43 driver       oneiric     Medium          Incomplete       Unassigned
950320    [MacBook Air 4,1] Wireless scan fails to see APs on DFS c...    precise     Medium          Confirmed        Seth Forshee
950338    Webcam not detected                                             precise     Undecided       Confirmed        Unassigned
950346    trace on shutdown                                               precise     Undecided       Confirmed        Unassigned
950469    mouse doesn't work with AlpsPS/2 DualPoint driver               precise     Undecided       Confirmed        Unassigned
950507    BUG: unable to handle kernel paging request at fda76270         precise     Undecided       Incomplete       Unassigned
950529    10.04 kvm vm upgrade to 12.04 - boot fail on 3.2.0-18-gen...    lucid       Undecided       Incomplete       Unassigned

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The Top 10 Hot List Bugs (based on bug heat)

Bug       Title                                                           Series      Importance      Status           Heat     Assignee
-------   ------------------------------------------------------------    --------    ------------    -------------    -----    ---------------------
818830    [Sandy Bridge] serious power regression from kernel 3.0.0...    oneiric     Medium          Triaged          674      Canonical Kernel Team
908380    [ipw2200] nm-applet crashed with SIGABRT in g_assertion_m...    precise     High            Incomplete       260      Unknown
914319    NULL pointer dereference at sd_revalidate_disk+0x30/0x2a0       precise     High            Triaged          190      Joseph Salisbury
922906    BUG: unable to handle kernel NULL pointer dereference at ...    precise     High            Confirmed        118      Unknown
944929    psb_gfx boot hang on Atom N2600 (GMA3600 Cedarview)             precise     High            Triaged          20       Unknown
948235    Intel wireless still randomly drops connection                  precise     Medium          Confirmed        18       Unknown
937118    Wireless stops passing packets                                  precise     High            Confirmed        14       Unknown
939809    screen turns black while running opengl app                     precise     Medium          Confirmed        8        Unknown
942846    encrypted install fails to boot as long as vt.handoff=7 i...    precise     High            Confirmed        6        Unknown
933045    headers incompatible with eglibc                                            Medium          In Progress      6        Andy Whitcroft

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