Patch format documentation may need some clarification

Stefan Bader stefan.bader at
Thu Dec 1 09:45:26 UTC 2011

This came up today on irc. Basically [1] and [2] talk about the format patches
should be submitted for sru and cves. [1] is much older and maybe needs to be
updated or hidden better.

But generally I can see one issue. But I am not sure whether this is just my
opinion, so I wanted to put it up for discussion.

When talking about the subject line of a patch, this can mean two places:
1. The subject line of the email containing the patch (or the cover letter)
2. The subject line of the actual patch

IMO, there are some things that make sense for 1. but not for 2., like
the target release, tags for sru / cve, or even the cve number (which is
in the body of the patch already). This seems to be even more confusing when the
patch is inlined as the email then has two subject lines (sort of):

Subject: [<releases>] (reason): <summary>


--- patch ---
Subject: [PATCH] [UBUNTU: [SAUCE] ...] <patch summary>

That is at least how I think is better because then one just can save the patch
and apply it. While if the patch itself contains the other tags, I would
manually remove them before applying.

In that light [2] sometimes would be confusing to me as it only speaks of patch
and subject. So, is the intention as I wrote it down? Then I would try to update
the wiki page accordingly... Should the older page be removed/updated?



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