OpenVZ kernel for Ubuntu 10.4

Kir Kolyshkin kir at
Wed Mar 10 13:08:49 UTC 2010

Hello kernel-team,

Although it's a bit late I propose to have linux-image-openvz
in the upcoming Ubuntu 10.4 repository. The reasons are:

- there are exising happy openvz users in ubuntu
- 10.4 is an LTS release
- 2.6.32 kernel is long-term maintained by the "stable" team (i.e. Greg 
K-H et al)
- OpenVZ's 2.6.32 kernel will form the next stable OpenVZ branch
- RHEL6 kernel will be based on 2.6.32
- Debian 6 kernel will be based on 2.6.32.

We are already working with Debian kernel team on this issue, and we have
an openvz git tree which is based.

If it is still a possibility to include linux-image-openvz into Lucid 
(and I hope
it is since it is a win-win situation), please suggest where do we start --
i.e. where to take your kernel sources, in what way do you want us to 
OpenVZ patchset, etc. We are committed to this task and would like to 
help you
as much as we can and to make the task for you as easy as it can 
possibly be.


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