OpenVZ kernel for Ubuntu 10.4

Pete Graner pgraner at
Wed Mar 10 13:15:15 UTC 2010

On Wed, Mar 10, 2010 at 04:08:49PM +0300, Kir Kolyshkin wrote:
> Hello kernel-team,
> Although it's a bit late I propose to have linux-image-openvz
> in the upcoming Ubuntu 10.4 repository. The reasons are:
> - there are exising happy openvz users in ubuntu
> - 10.4 is an LTS release
> - 2.6.32 kernel is long-term maintained by the "stable" team (i.e.
> Greg K-H et al)
> - OpenVZ's 2.6.32 kernel will form the next stable OpenVZ branch
> - RHEL6 kernel will be based on 2.6.32
> - Debian 6 kernel will be based on 2.6.32.
> We are already working with Debian kernel team on this issue, and we have
> an openvz git tree which is based.
> If it is still a possibility to include linux-image-openvz into
> Lucid (and I hope
> it is since it is a win-win situation), please suggest where do we start --
> i.e. where to take your kernel sources, in what way do you want us
> to provide
> OpenVZ patchset, etc. We are committed to this task and would like
> to help you
> as much as we can and to make the task for you as easy as it can
> possibly be.
> Regards,
>   Kir.

Hi Kir,

Unfortunately your a bit late. The kernel freezes tomorrow, after than
there are no new features added to Lucid.

We will have to consider for 10.10


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