Arsenal update for suspend_test_finish

Andy Whitcroft apw at
Wed Mar 10 11:35:49 UTC 2010

I have pushed an update to the element of the
kernel arsenal.  It now does a couple of new things.  Firstly it pulls
out the overall resume time and prefixes it to the title of the bug.
Second it footles about for Manjo's new suspend warnings for individual
devices, placing them in a new comment in the bug.  Finally it uses the
overall times to tag categorise the bugs into time ranges as per the
table below:

      suspend-test-finish-g20   20s -> 59s
      suspend-test-finish-g60   60s and above

I was pleased to find that we only have 9 instances which are tagged
g20, and only 4 tagged g60.  We can see at a stroke that violently slow
resume is not a widespread issue:


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