Patch to disable NCQ for some SSD drives

Vishal Rao vishalrao at
Wed Jan 27 13:49:18 UTC 2010

2010/1/27 Stefan Bader <stefan.bader at>:
> The responses I saw there rather sounded like the patch just cures a symptom for
> you. Others seem to have working cases with NCQ. It might be something generic
> but yet not understood or related to the controller instead of the drive.
> So blacklisting the drive is not the solution. There seem to be people willing
> to help with debugging further but only can do that when they got help with the
> actual data (iow from you ;-)).
> All in all it did just not sound as this is ready for general consumption.

Fair enough. It *is* more of a workaround rather than a real fix and an easy
workaround would be the kernel boot option anyway. As rightly pointed out
by one of the folks, it may just be me so no point changing stuff for all.

I'll try to provide as much info as I can to them, and hope more
users (or not) might report issues.

(No concern for me personally, I'm happy that it works well for me already)

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