Change request to Linaro meta package naming

Tim Gardner tim.gardner at
Fri Aug 20 14:37:53 UTC 2010

On 08/20/2010 08:05 AM, Alexander Sack wrote:
> On Fri, Aug 20, 2010 at 4:01 PM, Tim Gardner<tim.gardner at>wrote:
>> On 08/20/2010 03:20 AM, Alexander Sack wrote:
>>> Hi,
>>> sorry (Tim) for this mess, but its a ramp up thing and we finally agreed
>>> what we really want.
>>> so we talked about our meta package naming and partly because of
>>> infrastructural requirements from live-helper, but also partly because we
>>> think its more consistent we would need the following changes to the
>>> linaro
>>> meta package naming:
>>>   1. Source: change to linux-meta-linaro
>>>   2. Binaries:
>>>    Rename: linux-linaro-image-omap to linux-image-linaro-omap
>>>    Rename: linux-linaro-image-vexpress to linux-image-linaro-vexpress
>>>   3. Headers:
>>>    Rename: linux-linaro-headers-omap to linux-headers-linaro-omap
>>>    Rename: linux-linaro-headers-vexpress to linux-headers-linaro-vexpress
>>> in this way the binaries/headers would be consistent with the current
>>> "normal" naming scheme that is: linux-image-$flavour ... with flavour
>>> being
>>> "linaro-X" for everything that gets produced from linaro tree this cycle.

The upshot of these change requests are:

1) The Linaro kernel meta package source name is changing from 
linux-linaro-meta to linux-meta-linaro.

2) The meta package binary names are changing from linux-linaro-image* 
to linux-image-linaro*. Similarly for headers packages, e.g., 
linux-linaro-headers* to linux-headers-linaro*

If you are a consumer of Linaro ARM images _and_ you are planning an 
upgrade, then this _will_ affect you. If you are installing images from 
scratch after this change is implemented, then you're likely OK.

This change will definitely require a change in the installer.

Tim Gardner tim.gardner at

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