Probable SRU for Karmic

Stefan Bader stefan.bader at
Thu Apr 29 12:31:18 UTC 2010

<fabbione> you want to revert that patch from 2.6.31
<fabbione> i think it's already removed in dvb-trunk and later linus' trees
<fabbione> (not sure about the git sha1 tho)
<smb> fabbione, Yeah, thanks. I got a similar system which I might use to test.
<fabbione> the patch as you see it went in at some point, but it breaks the
HVR-3000 dvb-t
<smb> fabbione, I guess I can find that out
<fabbione> i already spoke to Darron and he agreed to revert it
<fabbione> (that was a few months back)
<fabbione> but yeah you get the idea
<fabbione> once that patch is in karmic i can finally stop building my own kernelks
<fabbione> getting tired of gcc :P
<smb> fabbione, Well, to get it into Karmic, there might be a slightly harder
need to it that tiring you. Especially when Lucid is released.
<smb> fabbione, Don't we do that as a module? /me cannot remember that
<fabbione> smb: yeah it's a module, but i am pretty sure i am not the only
HVR-3000 user out there
<fabbione> and doesn't have to go in yesterday.. just when it fits in the next
<fabbione> lucid.. that's going to take me at least 4/6 months before I upgrade
those systems
<cmug> Is it out yet
<fabbione> i'd guess shortly
<smb> fabbione, Likely not. Just that the SRU process is not really allowing for
less critical problems. However annoying they are. You probably know. ;-)
<fabbione> smb: you can consider that a regression from Jaunty if that pleases
you :)
<fabbione> in Jaunty it used to work
<fabbione> and yeah I can imagine that people have been tighting the SRU process..
<smb> fabbione, It would likely be more pleasing. But not if it would cause
different regressions.
<fabbione> smb: it doesn't.
<fabbione>     This update also fixes analogue tuning on the hvr-1300 when in
blackbird mode.
<fabbione> analog doesn't exists anymore
<fabbione> it wasn't working before, doesn't work now
<smb> Would sound good then
<fabbione> hvr4000 works with or without the patch
<fabbione> Darron has a 4k and a 1300

There is not bug yet. Might probably qualify. Need to look at that later


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